paulMath is hard. Math is boring. Math is something we’ll never make use of in real life. These are the things young people tell themselves during primary grades about the most important subject in the world!

Teachers who are able to help students get past their fears or preconceptions about math turn young minds into powerful thinking machines. The world needs mathematicians today more than ever, and accounting is just one way that professional math nerds can express themselves well in the workplace!

For people who are into abstract math, physics and chemistry are probably better fields. However, accounting is an excellent fit for someone who has always loved logic, but maybe didn’t enjoy arithmetic that much.

This blog is dedicated to helping business owners understand the inner workings of the accounting and tax codes. We touch on human resources issues, also, but please understand that we are not experts. We partner with experts who provide their opinions in that arena.

We also have legal experts, information technology experts and operations directors who weigh in on our blog from time to time. In short – it’s time to empower the small business person, and we feel that this blog is a great way we can make a big difference!