Best Accounting Software for (Really) Small Businesses

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There are a lot of software options out there that market themselves as the premier accounting solution for small businesses, but there are few that work well when your business is really quite small, even tiny. Many of these software packages aimed at small businesses include features and services that the majority of micro businesses will never use, and shouldn’t have to pay for. If you’re running a really small business, like a sole proprietorship, a freelance or consulting business, e-commerce site, or a business operating entirely out of your own home, Zoho Books may be the perfect accounting software for you.

Microbusinesses- those with a total of 5 employees or less- have very unique needs when it comes to accounting software, as well as almost everything else. They need time-saving, user-friendly solutions without all the added bulk of multiple department management tools and endless lists of “teams”. For microbusiness owners, time really is money in the truest sense of the phrase, because the less time they spend trying to make accounting software work for them and other banal tasks, the more time and energy they have to focus on growing their business. Zoho Books provides great basic functionality, is easy to use, and can grow as your business does- all at an affordable price, making it a perfect choice for microbusinesses. It comes recommended by industry professionals at Atkinsons Accountants in Brighton. Some of its most handy features include:

  • Automatic Tasks – This is one of Zoho Book’s most innovative features, and it really helps to keep things up-to-date and easy without you having to spend much time or energy looking after it. The software can automatically perform common tasks like sending invoices, setting up recurring billing, tracking expenses, notifying you with payment reminders and more.
  • Online Payments – Zoho Books can seamlessly connect with popular payment gateways like PayPal,, Stripe, Braintree and 2Checkout, so that your customers can instantly pay their invoices online. This ensures that you receive payment in a timely manner, improves cash flow and guarantees that every invoice gets properly accounted for.
  • Price – Pricing is certainly one of Zoho Book’s most attractive features. $24 per month will give you access to full functionality for unlimited users. This may seem more expensive compared to options like Xero, and Outlook, which can be had nearer to $10 per month, but you will find that those options limit you in number of users and access to functionality in a way that Zoho Book simply doesn’t. These supposedly cheaper options are misleading, because they likely won’t cover all the needs of your business at that price.
  • Customer Support – If you have questions or run into an issue while using Zoho Books, all you need to do is get into contact with any of their wonderful customer support agents. Support is available by email or phone, 24 hours a day, five days a week in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and India.
  • Mobile App – Your subscription to Zoho Books also entitles you to access through a fully-functional mobile app, so that you can manage your accounts wherever you are.

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