Things To Consider When Hiring an Accountant

If you’ve been keeping up your own spreadsheets or handling your own books on sticky notes, it may be time to consider bringing in a trained and qualified accountant.

There are great up sides to an accountant’s assistance, but a business owner who is not trained might have some concerns about hiring an ethical and upstanding person, as well as one who is competent.


While accounting software programs are smarter and easier to use than ever, giving each business a chance to keep track of its own books easily, there are still advantages to having a person oversee the strategic financial direction of the company.

A professional accountant on staff can help with the daily tasks of payables and book keeping, and will ensure that collected receipts are applied properly. Accountants who are properly trained and certified can also help with audits and taxes. Finance, lending and strategic finance are all aspects of an accountant’s role.


Each accountant is different. No matter how similar the educational backgrounds, accreditation and thought processes, there are differences in how accountants conceptualize and handle the dollars for the business. Some of the best operations managers and professional logisticians are in accounting departments.

For this reason, make sure that you interview at latest three people before deciding on an accountant to hire. Ensure that your business philosophy lines up well with the accountant’s way of understanding his or her role.


If you are not ready to bring on an employee, but are still interested in having professional accounting advice, think about working with an outsourced provider. You can access a higher level of skill and seniority with a CPA or other accounting when you are using an outsourced contractor and you can do it at a lower price.

There are some people who grow concerned that an outside provider cannot care for their accounting needs the same way an internal employee could, but the professional senior accountant with strong ethical guidelines and an understanding of regulatory and compliance standards will dedicate the proper amount of attention to your firm.

You should be looking for accountants that have certificate to work just like these chartered accountants serving Epsom. This type of accountants are certificated to do their job and will help your business benefit greatly.

Now that you know what to look for, here’s a great video by Leah Remillét on the 10 questions that you should ask your accountant before hiring him or her:

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